Jealousy Sin

The Envy Confessions are confessions of sins related to the theme of Envy, that the Demon King worshippers confess to the demons to hear their words and Leviathan's veredict.

Envy ConfessionsEdit

Confession #6Edit

Confession: I hope all the Real-lifers [people with a happy offline life] out there explode!

Satan happy

Such a thing isn't a confession of a sin!?

Lucifer proud

We've gotten several of these, too. But it seems to be something popular lately, is it some kind of incantation?

Leviathan surprise

Yea~h, "Real-lifer"? Someone who enjoys... real? What "real"?

Asmodeus smile

Giggle, it's butts, b-u-t-t-s.

Mammon smile

Oh my goodness, someone who enjoys... rears? Such a night life isn't that bad, either. Eh, not only at night, but during daytime too... Aah, that's not it, uuh...

Leviathan: Sin of Envy, level 1. Will all the pretty girls explode?

-Note: in case it's not clear, it's supposed to be a pun with "real" and "rear", from the japanese slang "real-lifer" as noted above.

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