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Kanji 貞節
Rōmaji Teisetsu
Gender Female
Race Archangel
Occupation Head of the Angelic Morals Committee
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Media Appearances
Voice Actor Hiyori Nitta
Maggie Flecknoe (English)

Gabriel is one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues and archangel of Chastity.


Gabriel is the Head of the Angelic Morals Committee, and the self-proclaimed disciplinarian of the Virtues. She is always cracking down on humans and angels whom she thinks have transgressed. Her lectures on chastity are not terribly convincing because of the amount of exposed skin that she flaunts, but her outfit is apparently the uniform for her job, so there’s really not much she can do.



Gabriel is overflowing with misplaced confidence and positivity, possessing a high level of doublethink for the age her height and look would suggest. Gabriel zealously tries to get rid of all immorality, going so far as to yell at random couples in the street that she says should not be holding hands like they're married until they actually are such. She spots someone going home on his own after seeing her demeanor, and decides that he would be her Messiah candidate. After following him back, she moves in with him, in order keep him from doing anything she deems immoral or to standards not befitting the True Messiah. She then goes with him for a day at a nearby amusement park, reveals her angelic nature, and asks that the two of them be a couple to show everyone how to have a wholesome and platonic relationship. Later on, when she, Raphael, Michael and Sariel are all riding on a train between prefectures to Shinjuku, she jumps about and shouts causing a fuss in scolding passengers who seem to be ogling and touching the four of them. Even when a present Messiah candidate stands up and gives his seat to an old woman at the Shinjuku stop, she is not entirely convinced of his motives, and makes a fuss at what Sariel has to say about what he's done, upset at her for doing so.