Gluttony Sin

The Gluttony Confessions are confessions of sins related to the theme of Gluttony, that the Demon King worshippers confess to the demons to hear their words and Beelzebub's veredict.

Gluttony ConfessionsEdit

Confession #11Edit

Confession: I didn't tell anyone I won 9000 yen at the Lotto 6. I had a nice steak with that money.

Beelzebub calm


Lucifer proud

What is it? "I want you to take me to eat meat too"?

Beelzebub calm

... "nod nod"

Satan happy

Ooh, steak, I shall be going as well.

Mammon smile

I'll also go with you kids~

Beelzebub calm

Everyone... goes.

Lucifer proud

Well, let's do that! Eh, I can't possibly say it's too late now?

Beelzebub: Sin of Gluttony, level 1. Thank you for the meal.

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