Leviathan as Illustrated by Nitroplus.

Kanji 嫉妬
Rōmaji Shitto
Gender Female
Race Demon
Occupation Demon Lord of Envy
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Red
Height 155cm (5'1")
Bust 92/70F (36"/32DD)
Waist 66cm (26")
Hip 94cm (35")
Media Appearances
Voice Actor Akane Fujita (Japanese); Brittany Lauda (English)

"Though I hate you, I, I won't forgive you if you date someone else!"

Leviathan is the Demon of Envy, known for inciting jealousy amongst others.


Leviathan has waist-length purple hair with a side ponytail on the right side of her head, and two tiny horns curled upward on both sides of her head. She's usually accompanied by her familiar, "Behemoth", a legless winged big-eared black-and-blue-striped demon in a gas mask. She wears a white shirt tied on the right side. She has blue-striped arm-warmers. She wears an ornate silver belt-black panty hybrid. She has blue-striped thigh-high leg-warmers. She wears silver-knuckled fingerless gloves and black strapped steel-toed boots.

Personality Edit

Leviathan has adored Lucifer ever since she was young. Like her name suggests, she is a very jealous person, with Lucifer often being the target; though, it should be noted that Leviathan's jealousy isn't limited only to the fallen angel. Her juvenile gestures of a spoiled child are very popular among her believers, and some of the most enthusiastic followers even outrageously call her “Levia-tan”.


Not matching her pretty figure, Lady Leviathan is a mighty Demon Lord that controls the power of water - though her relative inexperience at combat means she's almost always beaten by the other demon lords whenever they battle - and can command other water-dwelling creatures as familiars, with the most common of such usually being giant flying whales and snails.


  • Leviathan's name and character appears to be a reference to Leviathan , one of the seven Princes of Hell.
  • Leviathan was the second demon to have her figure worked on by Hobby Japan.
  • By comparison, Leviathan appears to be the second youngest of the Demon Lords, being older than Beelzebub and younger than Belphegor and Astaroth.
  • Most of the time, Leviathan does not wear panties, but instead has a bandage in place. This point was discovered on her HJ figure, and covered on the first confession episode, which was very embarrassing for her.
  • Leviathan is obsessed with Lucifer to the point that she will go after her underwear to put them on her face and sniff them; a subsequent confession episode has revealed this along with the post-series omake material.
  • Along with Asmodeus and Satan, Leviathan has exhibited homosexual tendencies towards another member of her own kind.
  • Her birthday is on February 2nd, and her zodiac sign is an Aquarius.


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