Lucifer as Illustrated by Nitroplus.

Kanji 高慢
Rōmaji Kouman
Alias Fallen Angel
Gender Female
Race Angel (Formely)

Demon (Current)

Occupation Demon lord
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light red
Height 170cm (5'7")
Bust 90cm/70D (35"/32C)
Waist 64cm (25")
Hip 92cm (36")

"My permission is required for going into Hell. Get down on your knees!"

Lucifer is the Demon King of Pride, known for being defiant against others.


Lucifer has long butt-length blonde hair tied in a ponytail and two round-curled horns on both sides of her head. She wears a metal tiara on her head and a white corset with a calf-length see-through blue loin-cloth skirt on her torso. She has an ornate metal brooch at the base of her throat, puffed sleeves joined at the neck with ornate metal cuffs on her arms, a white glove on her right arm and a black gauntlet on her left arm. She also wears an elaborate and ornate white-fur-collar six-pointed blue skirt with a x-strapped belt and two white wings in the front. She has ornate metal thigh-high high-heeled boots. Her weapon is a huge spear|staff hybrid that is taller than her, with a pointed tip on one end and an ornate skull-headed dragon with pointed horns on the other end.


Despite being the greatest angel made by God, Lady Lucifer turned into a fallen angel and caused a rebellion, becoming the greatest Demon King in Hell. When she isn't speaking, her beauty is truly divine, but when she opens her mouth a storm of arrogance blows forth. Since she was raised as a lady, she has a naive side. When others are wrong, Lady Lucifer can’t resist blurting out “Ya didn’t know that?”, getting herself into several quarrels.


Lucifer has proven to be an extremely adept fighter, she has managed to overcome the odds with her mastery of the huge spear she wields. It was her pride and determination, that chiefly helped her resolve over the other Demon Kings. This controlled form of arrogance is what kept those who obeyed her in line and posed a serious threat towards her rival, Belial.


  • Lucifer's name and character appear to be a reference to Lucifer.
  • Lucifer was the third one to be worked on her figure.
  • By comparison, Lucifer is by far one of the nastier Demon Kings among them. She deliberately enslaved Maria and frequently ignores Leviathan's affections towards her.
  • Compared to the other Demon King's, Lucifer is more than likely third oldest. Just younger than Mammon by only a few years.

Gallery Edit

Lucifer as she appears in the anime.
Lucifer with Leviathan
  1. Lucifer at the beach
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