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Lucifer as Illustrated by Nitroplus.

Kanji 傲慢
Rōmaji Gōman
Alias Fallen Angel
Gender Female
Race Angel (Former)

Demon (Current)

Occupation Demon Lord of Pride, Head of the Seven Mortal Sins
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light red
Height 170cm (5'7")
Bust 90cm/70D (35"/32C)
Waist 64cm (25")
Hip 92cm (36")
Media Appearances
Voice Actor Eri Kitamura (Japanese); Nicole Endicott (English)

"My permission is required for going into Hell. Get down on your knees!"

Lucifer is the Demon Lord of Pride and the leader of the Seven Mortal Sins, known for being defiant against others.


Lucifer has long butt-length blonde hair tied in a ponytail and two round-curled horns on both sides of her head. She wears a metal tiara on her head and a white corset with a calf-length see-through blue loin-cloth skirt on her torso. She has an ornate metal brooch at the base of her throat, puffed sleeves joined at the neck with ornate metal cuffs on her arms, a white glove on her right arm and a black gauntlet on her left arm. She also wears an elaborate and ornate white-fur-collar six-pointed blue skirt with a x-strapped belt and two white wings in the front. She has ornate metal thigh-high high-heeled boots. Her weapon is a huge lance with an ornate, skull-headed serpent dragon design on top, and the pointed horns are the weapon's two tines.


Formerly the first of the Archangels of Heaven and the former leader of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, Lucifer was denounced and cast out of Heaven for her rebellion against the will of God who seeks the destruction of not only Hell, but also the whole of humanity for their inherent (but inevitable) corruption, no matter how many innocent and good-natured people there are within the population. Lucifer knows that this is not an all-or-nothing issue and that there is still good in humanity, which she especially knows from Maria, whose prayers and talking to her she would always hear. As such, the former archangel's pride is from being right that God is wrong to do as They wish, and the pantheons are wrong to just fall in line with such. Even so, at the end of the series, Lucifer becomes the greatest Demon Lord in Hell, and her nature of kindness is only shown to Maria. When she isn't speaking, her beauty is truly divine, but when she opens her mouth, a storm of arrogance emerges. While she has shown moments of naïveté, when others are wrong Lucifer is often known to blurt out “Ya didn’t know that?”, and this has shown to get herself into many a quarrel.


Lucifer has proven to be an extremely adept fighter, and while her immense pride was the cause for her fall from Heaven, it also proves to be her strongest weapon against both the predations of the Seven Mortal Sins and the power of God. This, along with her arrogant nature, formed a sense of determination that only magnified in pushing her to overcome the cursed Garb of Punishment that her rival Belial had placed upon her in Cocytus. This, along with knowing what God had intended to do was wrong, forced her to become stronger throughout the series, and eventually gained the favor of the other Demon Lords. In the end, Belial is defeated and Lucifer banishes her to Earth, taking the lead position in Hell from her. But that is not the end of the threat, for Michael seeks to destroy both Hell and humanity on Earth in God's name, to plunge everything into Chaos and from such make to create a new Order. As such, the archangel is attacked by all of the Demon Lords before the battle is taken to Earth by Lucifer. After being pierced by the Lance of Longinus, Lucifer perishes, as do the other Demon Lords through their connection to her. Before Michael is able to leave the area and enact the destruction of humanity, Maria sacrifices herself to bring Lucifer back to life. In turn, the other Demon Lords are resurrected, and this act of a miracle through all of the regrets and self-hatred over having apparently lost Maria has Lucifer defeat Michael with her lance. Humanity is ultimately saved from being wiped out, and Lucifer declares to the defeated, retreating archangel and the other Virtues that she is coming after them all as well as God. Lucifer's tears of blood then bring Maria back from the dead, and is the final act of good nature from the Demon Lord of Pride, as the last of her angelic blood is gone from her body. With this, Lucifer leaves Earth and takes her rightful place on her throne in Castle Pandemona. Post-series, Lucifer still interacts with Maria as well as Belial and Astaroth.


  • Lucifer is based off the fallen angel from Judeo-Christian religions, Lucifer.
  • Lucifer was the third one to have been worked on in figure form by Hobby Japan.
  • Lucifer is by far one of the nastier Demon Lords amongst the seven. She deliberately enslaved Maria and frequently ignores Leviathan's affections towards her.
  • Lucifer is believed to be the second or third oldest demon lord in age.
  • After defeating the other Demon Lords besides Belial, before Lucifer leaves Earth for Hell with the hundreds of millions of followers she has amassed who are guilty of pride at her side, she talks of how ultimately the whole of humanity has this flaw within them, and so she could in fact condemn every last person to Hell.