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The Lust Confessions are confessions of sins related to the theme of Lust, that the Demon King worshippers confess to the demons to hear their words and Asmodeus's veredict.

Lust Confessions[]

Confession #02[]

Confession: I wear my older brother's pants as a hobby. Is there love beyond sex? (by: older brother's freeter sister)

Asmodeus smile.jpg

Recently, seems like there are many sisters with an aggresive nature. Fufu, it's a really good trend.

Belphegor calm.jpg

You know, I'm looking at that pseudonym~. "Beyond sex", it says? This one is a man.

Lucifer proud.jpg

BL [Boy Love] !? Why!? Gross! Annoying! I'll grant him permission to go to hell!

Asmodeus smile.jpg

Fufu... Recently, looks like there are many brothers with an aggresive nature. It's a really good trend.

Asmodeus: Sin of Lust, level 5. Even if you're a boy, it's fine?

Confession #48[]

Confession: When I can at last find a lady friend

Leviathan (Envy): The detective appears-! I'll break the code and translate it-!

Satan (Wrath) : Ooh! I'm expectant, sir Leviathan.

Leviathan (Envy): Lady friend... I wonder if that means that girlfriend thing. A steady lover... huh.

Satan (Wrath) : Yep, yep.

Leviathan (Envy): "When"... so, I guess it'd go more like "can I at last...?"

Satan (Wrath): So... it's actually "When can I at last find a girlfriend?"

Leviathan (Envy): Ye-ah, maybe it's more like "when can I have a girlfriend too"?

Satan (Wrath): ...Is this a love counseling office?

Leviathan (Envy): That's right, I think you should fall in love with Levi?

Asmodeus: Sin of Lust, level 2. Act more on your instincts!