Maria Totsuka

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Kanji マリア・トツカ
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Catholic Church
Likes Kindness and being fair and fateful to herself and others.
Dislikes Lewd acts and evil deeds towards herself and others
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Blue/Gray
Height 157 (5'2")
Bust 86 (34")
Waist 59 (23")
Hip 89 (35")

Maria Totsuka is one of the main characters of the anime. Prior to her enslavement at the hands of Lucifer. Maria devoted herself towards her friends and her religion. Since then she served the Demon King, whom has claimed Maria's heart and transplanted prideful blood into her body.

Appearance Edit

Maria has medium black hair styled into rough bob-cut and light blue/grey eyes. She wears her church uniform, that is coupled with a black belt, mini skirt, black elegant tights and white sleeves. She is fair-skinned and wears brown buckled boots, finished with a silver crucifix-like cross on the neck of her outfit. Lastly her physique is fairly average, with a moderately sized bust and waistline.

Personality Edit

Maria is a submissive young lady, she highly disapproves dodgy acts and hates being mistreated rather it be abusive or lewd. She acknowledges Leviathan's hatred towards her, which stems from Lucifer's preference over Maria than the latter yet feels sorry for the envious demon.

When it comes to the other Demon King's, Maria serves as perfect bait. Her gentle and understanding nature, is used to delve deeper into a persons motives. Thus Lucifer abuses this trait, in order to lower her enemies guard.

Abilities Edit

With her blood infused with Lucifer's own blood, Maria gained the ability to sense the location of other Demon King's. Oddly this ability seems to only activate when Lucifer becomes intimate with her.

She also has a strong will, that is powerful enough to defy the Demon King's power. For example she was able to resist Asmodeus's perverted ways and snap out of Mammon's hallucinogenic breast milk.

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