(Character) as Illustrated by (Artist).

Kanji 慈愛
Rōmaji Jiai
Gender Female
Race Archangel
Occupation Nurse
Media Appearances
Voice Actor Ari Ozawa
Brittney Karbowski (English)

Metatron is one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, the younger sister of Sandalphon and the archangel of Charity.


A clumsy nurse and Sandalphon's sister. Metatron chooses a young man in the hospital as her candidate and tries to nurse him back to health. Though timid on the surface, she is more than willing to use her body to service others, but turns into a sexual sadist whenever she touches a needle.



Metatron is a nurse who can't refuse a person in need, but her normal nature is a bit aloof and clumsy, forgetful of proper procedure at times. For this, she is profusely apologetic, and it makes her sister worry. She is into self-bondage as a means to wipe someone down without the use of her hands. Metatron's split personality emerges with her completely changing into a sexually-driven, super-sadistic dominatrix whenever she holds a syringe; being fully knowledgeable in this state, she has an overpowering desire to perform extreme treatments on her patient. When this state leaves her and she is back to normal, upon seeing the result and realizing the things she has done, she will end up tear-stricken.



  • Within her syringe gun, Metatron purportedly has a cure-all medicine that will tranquilize and restore her patient in rapid succession, with a full night's rest leaving them in excellent condition.
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