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The Pride Confessions are confessions of sins related to the theme of Pride, that the Demon King worshippers confess to the demons to hear their words and Lucifer's veredict.

Pride Confessions[]

Confession #22[]

Confession: Recently, when I'm running on the motorcycle, I become an aggresive driver. How can I not become an aggresive driver? How do you Demon Kings deal with this kind of thing?

Belphegor calm.jpg

Uh, yes, yes, these humans.

Asmodeus smile.jpg

Fufu... Surely, people change when they're riding [driving].

Belphegor calm.jpg

Do you feel bigger?... is what I'd say, what are you doing, squirming like that? Asmo-chin.

Asmodeus smile.jpg

Nh... fufu. Riding, and... nh... people change... aggresively... being ridden...aahn♪

Belphegor surprise.jpg

He-y, come ba-ck.

Lucifer: Sin of Pride, level 4. Driving is not the best for everyone.

Confession #33[]

Confession: I eat yogurt with chopsticks.

Lucifer (Pride): !?

Asmodeus (Lust): No way!?

Satan (Wrath): What!?

Mammon (Greed): (shaking her head) !?

Beelzebub (Gluttony): (quivering) !?

Leviathan (Envy): ...!?

Belphegor (Sloth): Oh my~ I don't even know~...

Lucifer (Pride): Apologize! Apologize to the people from Bulgaria-!

Lucifer: Sin of Pride, level 1. Apologize to the Caspian Sea too!