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(Character) as Illustrated by (Artist).

Kanji 親切
Rōmaji Shinsetsu
Gender Female
Race Archangel
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Heterochromia: Blue left, Yellow right
Height 220cm (~7'2.5")
Media Appearances
Voice Actor Sakura Nakamura (Japanese)
Avery Smithhart (English)

Sariel (サリエル Sarieru) is one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, and the Archangel of Kindness.


Sariel's role is to monitor people to make sure that they remain sinless, thus she is very sweet and kind to other people. A rather sweet character, her "tenderness-to-others" habit can leave her helpless to the point where it interferes with her duties.

When comforting her Messiah candidate, her sadistic tendencies emerge. Whenever Sariel sneezes, she inadvertently releases her destructive power from her right yellow eye and is capable of leveling several buildings.


Bust: 113 cm (44), Waist: 68 cm (27), Hips: 99 cm (39) Bra Size: 44 L-Cup


Sariel stands above everyone else as a mother-type figure who uses every tool in her arsenal - particularly her massive breasts along with her self-proclaimed "marshmallow bottom" - to comfort others. Despite this, she is younger than she looks.

She has golden-blonde hair that was flowing and braided up to mid-back, and a tiny and perfectly fit finely gold circlet as well with tiny head wings within her top part of her hair that has as well short bangs that tend to cover her right eye at times. She has a delicate yet mature-looking and cute face with heterochromia eyes, with her left being sky-blue, and the right being a golden amber. She also has pure-white angelic wings with yellowish-colored accents around or close to the bottom.

She wore, however, scantly golden scale armor with blue cloth accents that covered her decently but fully exposed her body, and her breastplates exposing under her bust line in the center.



  • Sariel's "Evil Eye Activation" is capable of producing either a miracle or a disaster whenever she sneezes; however, she has no control over this whatsoever.