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Ask, and It Shall Be Given to You is the eleventh episode of the Seven Mortal Sins anime.

Plot synopsis[]

When Lucifer regains consciousness, she finds herself naked, restrained and tortured by Belial, who reveals that she learned of Lucifer's angel blood in Maria and plans to use it to return to Heaven, as she was once an angel herself but banished by Lucifer in God's name after she had inadvertently caused the humans she meant to gather as God's followers to fall prey to sin. Now, with the deal she made with Michael and Lucifer's blood in her possession, she intends to usher in a new age in which God's glory shall reach unforeknown heights and she will thus be reinstated as an angel.

But with Belial renouncing her role as the ruler of the Seven Sins, the tortures she has inflicted upon the others are cancelled out; the five rogue Sins free Lucifer but are imprisoned themselves when Belial wields Lucifer's power she has absorbed against them. Belial then torments Maria into stabbing Lucifer through the heart; but by willingly sacrificing herself, Lucifer manages to swap her heart with Maria's, restoring them both. In the subsequent duel, Belial is easily defeated, but then Michael arrives in Cocytus and enters the Seven Sins Palace.

Featured Characters[]

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