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God's in His Heaven, All's Right With the World is the final episode of the Seven Mortal Sins anime.

Plot synopsis[]

As Belial begins to gather newfound hope, Michael coldly crushes her by stating that she never intended to honor their contract in the first place, and sets out to destroy Hell. The Seven Sins take up the fight against the archangel and shatter the power God has granted Michael for the task. An infuriated Belial joins the fray but gets banished from Hell in the process with Astaroth still loyal to her.

The loss of God's power enables Lucifer to engage her on equal grounds on Earth. Michael succeeds in fatally stabbing Lucifer with the Lance of Longinus, but with her love for Lucifer, Maria willingly sacrifices herself to revive her from the verge of annihilation. Now uniting the powers of Heaven, Hell and Earth within herself in a new trinity, Lucifer defeats Michael but spares her, sending her back to Heaven, and manages to resurrect Maria.

While Belial and Astaroth begin a new life together on Earth, Lucifer and Leviathan take their place as the Lords of Mortal Sins in Hell, in preparation for Lucifer's final onslaught against Heaven to liberate humanity from God's arbitrariness.

Featured Characters[]

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