Beach of Lust is the third episode of the Seven Mortal Sins anime.

Plot synopsisEdit

Arriving in Miami, Lucifer, Maria and Leviathan catch Asmodeus, the Lord of Lust, openly seducing the local beach-goers in order to consign their souls to Hell and thereby increase her power base. With all the lust from the crowd bolstering her powers, the girls find themselves outmatched in open battle and are forced to retreat. A later attempt at a night club, where Asmodeus performs a pole dance, likewise fails when Leviathan, with her lust for Lucifer, easily falls prey to Asmodeus.

However, since Maria has attracted Asmodeus' attention, Lucifer uses her as bait, and the girl's piety and innocence help her in withstanding Asmodeus' seductions long enough for Lucifer to track them down. Asmodeus ensnares Lucifer, but her own power is turned against her when Lucifer points out that lust is something completely natural, thus negating her status as a Mortal Sin and the link of the Garb of Punishment powered by Lust. Lucifer spares Asmodeus' life, who graciously accepts her defeat.

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