The Town of Fog Where Greed Brews is the fourth episode of the Seven Mortal Sins anime.

Plot synopsisEdit

Lucifer and her entourage track Mammon, the Lord of Greed, to London, where she runs a potion-selling business. Upon entering the shop, they are caught in a trap. Lucifer takes up Mammon's challenge to a personal duel, is beaten and subjected to sexual torture astride a wooden horse; but even after Leviathan manages to free herself from her cage and rushes to her aid, Lucifer decides to ride out the torment.

Meanwhile, Mammon returns to her shop and attempts to seduce Maria, who was left behind by Leviathan, into selling her soul and acting as a nursemaid for her 500,000 children. But Maria resists by pointing out that the children need their mother, not a substitute; and with her pride finally overcoming her agony, Lucifer breaks free and defeats Mammon, destroying her shop and freeing all the prisoners she has ensnared, as well as breaking another link of her Garb of Punishment.

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