Guiltless Gluttony is the sixth episode of the Seven Mortal Sins anime.

Plot synopsisEdit

During an erotic dinner party hosted by Beelzebub, Lucifer pops up and challenges the Demon Lord of Gluttony to an eating contest. In the midst of it, however, Lucifer ends up being hospitalized with stomach flu and sees herself confronted by the worry and care of her companions Maria and Leviathan (something she is not used to at all), and Belial posing as her treating physician.

To her surprise, Lucifer eventually finds herself sharing a room with Beelzebub, who is a regular patient in the hospital for gastric dilation. As the two begin to become friends, Beelzebub admits that she likes to eat not because eating is supposed to be a sin, but because it is supposed to bring joy and happiness to the people. After being discharged, they share a friendly meal together, and Beelzebub willingly forgoes her status as a Mortal Sin. However, just then Maria is kidnapped by Belial, who has discovered the emotional bond Lucifer shares with the girl.

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