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Unleashed Wrath is the eighth episode of the Seven Mortal Sins anime.

Plot synopsis[]

Belial seeks out Satan and tells her that Lucifer has managed to subjugate Beelzebub (conveniently neglecting to mention that Beelzebub did so willingly), inciting Satan to seek out the fallen angel and punish her for this supposed transgression. Leviathan engages her in battle to defend Lucifer, but with the city currently gripped by wrath and thus fueling Satan's power, she is easily defeated. Encouraged by Beelzebub and her fondness of Maria, who is now imprisoned in the Seven Sins Palace, Lucifer faces Satan and her fleet of conscripted Navy warships.

Pushed to the verge of defeat, Beelzebub brings Leviathan back from unconsciousness, and the tide of battle is quickly turned. After relocating to the surface on the Moon, Satan confidentially unseals her portion of Lucifer's Garb of Punishment, returning a portion of her powers, and faces off against her opponent in single combat. Despite the Demon Lord's vast level in power, Lucifer manages to beat Satan, who admits defeat and willingly agrees to open the gates of Hell so that Lucifer can carry the final fight to Belial herself.

Featured Characters[]

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