(Character) as Illustrated by (Artist).

Kanji 忍耐
Rōmaji Nintai
Gender Female
Race Archangel
Occupation Intelligence Officer
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Media Appearances
Voice Actor Asami Seto
Kira Vincent-Davis[4] (English)

Uriel is one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues and the archangel of Patience.


Uriel is Heaven's intelligence officer. After choosing an office worker as her Messiah candidate, Uriel begins stalking him 24/7, which eventually gets him fired. She decides she has fallen in love with her candidate, and moves in with him.



Uriel's primary duty is gathering intelligence, and she can wield flame-elemental powers. Although she appears somber and stoic, in reality Uriel feels like she could lose her temper at any moment. She does feel uneasy and bothered upon realizing that she has feelings for her Messiah candidate.

Trivia Edit

  • Uriel prioritizes in watching her candidate from the shadows patiently instead of stepping away to relieve herself, which leads to suspect jiggling and shaking movements that are distracting to people around her. This is obviously playing on those viewers who are into omorashi, although she never actually wets herself.
  • Uriel is used by Sandalphon and Metatron as a means to test Messiah candidates for the seven virtues that the True Messiah is supposed to possess. Being strapped to a mobile, robotic table with protruding hands, Uriel is subjected to sexual touching by them; she is ultimately left humiliated by the experience in front of her own candidate when he is subjected to the test, and fails at being chaste in seeing what the hands are doing to her body.
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