The Messiah's Virtues is the 11th episode of the Seven Heavenly Virtues short series. It is one of the unaired episodes included in the Blu-ray/DVD release complete box.


Sandalphon and Metatron pool their efforts and use a robotic table along with a special augmented reality headset hooked up to a computer in order to test Messiah candidates for the seven virtues they are supposed to exhibit. Uriel is the guinea pig for the experiment, and the many hands that come from the table play with her body until the final test for Chastity is failed by the candidate. Whatever the system was meant to track in order to determine thoughts or physical arousal, the candidate is dropped through a trap door into a cold pool to cool him off, and the sister angels wonder aloud if someone out there would really possess all of the virtues, while Uriel feels ashamed and humiliated at having been subjected to such treatment.

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