Wrath Sin

The Wrath Confessions are confessions of sins related to the theme of Wrath, that the Demon King worshippers confess to the demons to hear their words and Satan's veredict.

Wrath ConfessionsEdit

Confession #69Edit

Confession: You're called "Lady Leviathan" [read: Reviatan], but if it's like the sea monster feared in various areas, shouldn't you be "Leviathan"? [read: Rivaiasan]

Belphegor happy
Fun fact! When "Levia-tan" levels up, she beco-mes "Levia-san". By the way, she just leveled up a while ago!
Leviathan surprise

Eh! Then, Levi has become greater?

Belphegor calm

Yep, yep, it's something like the fishes whose name change when they grow up. Congratulations... Ah! Yahoo, Asmo-chin, he-llo. Listen, Levi-chin has leveled up.

Asmodeus smile

Oh my, congratulations. You'll be "Levia-san" from now on.

Satan happy

Ooh, what, what, is that true? "Levia-san", isn't it nice?

Beelzebub calm


Mammon smile

Fufu, Levia-san.♪

Lucifer proud

Looks like you'll be like Sazae-san somehow. This way, without a youth...?

Leviathan moody

"Levia-tan" is fine. I don't need a promotion.

Satan: Sin of Wrath, level 2. Following "-tan" and "-san", will it be "-sama"?

-Note: besides the usual romanization of "the" Leviathan, there's also a pun going on here about how she's usually nicknamed "Levia-tan" and now she'd be "Levia-san", like Satan points out later. Also, I'm not really sure if Lucifer's referencing that manga, but she's probably referring to Leviathan being more mature now, which Leviathan doesn't really appreciate.

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